Nothin’ But A Word…

Posted: October 19, 2018 in Uncategorized

In Mark chapter 11 Jesus speaks to a fig tree, which withers overnight.  Why would Jesus speak to a fig tree?    Aside from creating an object lesson for his disciples, he understood something.

Jesus understood that the essential constitution of the tree was ‘nothin’ but a word.’ As such, it would respond to words (what it is).  This is true of every person, thing, and circumstance.  All are essentially ‘nothin’ but a word.’  In Genesis chapter one, we read the creation of the physical world.  Hebrews chapter eleven, verse three, reveals the creation of the world of circumstance or occurrence.  They are all manifestations of words…’nothin’ but a word.’

If something or someone in your experience is unfavorable, the best way to deal with it is according to its essential constitution.  With wisdom, use your words correctly and you influence change or transformation.  Speak the change you desire to see.

Of course, change won’t necessarily happen over night.  Nevertheless, the lesson to be learned is that change will take place by wisely utilizing the essential constitution of the person, thing or circumstance…words.  Yes, I am saying, ‘master your words; master you life.’

You can’t control what happens to you.  Yet, you definitely and control the ultimate outcome, by choosing how you respond to what happens.  Choose your words wisely.  Look at the unfavorable person, thing or circumstance and say to yourself, ‘nothin’ but a word.’  Graciously give diligent thought to the change you’d like to experience.  Formulate the favorable experience desired in a word or words.  Then speak it.  Lovingly, yet assertively, speak to the person, thing or circumstance.  Be sure to consistently speak about it favorably.  Go about your normal activities and watch change manifest.

So much could be said about this.  Nevertheless, this is enough for now.  Look forward to more posts.  More insight will be shared.


Calvin B. Rhone

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